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Take a look at this photo. What do you see?

Yes, she’s a beautiful, strong and fit woman (not to mention- badass!)…but look closer; what else do you notice

Here’s the story:

I’m a pretty active person. If I’m not cycling, I’m likely swimming, skiing or doing some kind of training that gets me working up a sweat. And when you have hair going halfway down your back as I do, you would think I would be carrying plenty of elastics at all times! But as I rushed to my HIIT class the other day at Premier Performance, I realized I had none with me…  


When I mentioned this to my coach Tracy, she smiled, lifted her sleeve, revealing an array of elastics on her arm, and said, “I always come prepared”.

Hmmm…. I always come prepared, I mused.

It’s just a hair elastic. But this little piece of rubber makes a big difference in how I experience my training.

So unless I wanted my sweaty hair whipping back into my face coming up a downward dog, or lunging into a plank tying my hair back would be central to how I performed during my workouts.

This got me thinking about what what other little things make a big difference in our everyday actions.

We often get so caught up in the big picture of what we’re striving for, that we overlook the little things that help us reach our goals more easily, or in this care, comfortably.

It’s those minor habits or actions we take, that prep us for success...

like going to bed early to be refreshed for the next day; bringing business cards to a business gathering; packing protein snacks or nuts in our bag so we don’t reach for the chocolate when we get the munchies…

Or what about something as simple as drinking more water when trying to maintain a healthy weight? Taking the proper vitamins, applying sunscreen before heading out into a sunny day, scheduling yearly visits to the doctor, or scheduling some ‘down time’ to keep the balance in our lives…. Little things that help us with achieving the big things.

How important can this be? Well for example, research shows that we often confuse hunger with thirst – which means we may be eating when we should be hydrating! Ouch! Put that way, can you see how a little thing like drinking water can make all the difference to staying refreshed and reaching your ideal health?

It’s the little things that make us most prepared to accomplish what we set out to do.

Always come prepared… my new moto.

Thanks Coach Tracy! I’ve since put a bunch of elastics in my gym bag!

So what are some of the little things you can do to make it easier for you to accomplish your objectives? Share your ideas in the comment section below; maybe they can inspire others who would value your tip.


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